Clothes For A Chance at a Glance

Clothes For A Chance is a grassroots program that is putting clothes in the hands of under served populations in the City of Milwaukee and hopefully one day nationally. We are seeking clothing and monetary donations for our current goal of clothing 85 men that are returning home from prison this January, 2019.

Most people aren't aware of it but the State of Wisconsin has the largest disparity in the union when it comes to the incarceration of black people. 

I'm not here to play the blame game, I am just trying to lessen the burden of someone who could use a hand. These is a story behind how I came to this point in my life for a full description of how we got here my thoughts on the topic.



Donations Welcome

Donations Appreciated

If you've read the full description, watched the video or heard some good word of mouth we hope you will donate to our mission. Here is a donation button. If you're more comfortable with a GoFundMe then just scroll down.

Go Fund Me

If you're rocking with us and would like to help us with a donation we can accept them on our site here. If you feel more comfortable with GoFundMe. Then we have a link for you. they do take 2.9% of the donation that you make. We appreciate any and all shares and donations.

Click Picture For GoFundMe

Click Picture For GoFundMe

Donation Drop Off Times

All collections will take place at 3600 west Pierce ave. Milwaukee, WI 53215. Thank in advance and see you there!

What Spurred My Change

I'm sure that a lot of people would like to know what changed about me personally that I lost so much weight and got on this cause. In short I had a spiritual awakening and the Universe woke me up. I became a vegan and began to repair my body. I have recorded my journey of awakening in a collection of songs. If you have any interest in hearing it the collection is titled "An Orisha Awakened." Here is a link to my recording artist website and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to listen to it! ~Godxilla

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Click Picture to visit GODXILLA.COM

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